Single Mum Survival Guide Pt1


I hated the idea of being a single parent – I felt like I’d failed in so many ways  – and yet the failure was always out weighed by the certainty that things couldn’t go on as they were. I spent what felt like years agonising about making ‘the right’ decision. Looking at the pro’s and con’s, making comparisons, looking to others for advice, googling how do I know if my marriage is over!

Of course no one else had an answer, and none of it matters when it comes to it. The decision finds you, rather than you finding the decision. Like all things in life, experience is playing out, moment to moment – no specific journey or direction. But its happening whether we like it or not. There is a great sense of relief in releasing that decisions are not ours anyway. We are the observer of the decision – not the decision maker.

There have been many things that have helped me along the way, helped me to let go and stop resisting the changes to my relationship and embrace being a single parent.

  1. There is no such thing as a big decision.
  2. The future is an incomplete equation – we don’t know what will happen moment to moment so we need to stop acting like we do!
  3. We believe it is our circumstances that create our feelings, but we are just conditioned to believe this. Learning the truth about ourselves, free’s us up to be happier and more fulfilled human beings.
  4. We are resourceful, resilient and capable – we are stronger and braver than we think.
  5. We apply logic to life – but life is magical and wonderful and not logical in any way.
  6. Life doesn’t ever look how we are conditioned to think it should look. 


I’ll be talking about these points in more detail over the coming weeks.


If you are facing difficulties in a relationship at work or at home and would like to chat. Please feel free to connect with me.

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