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‘Most people tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely to death’

Earl Nightingale


My passion is to empower people and guide them to see their innate potential, enabling them to live extrodinary lives. Clarity Coaching takes a fresh look on life coaching, self development and goal setting. Clarity coaching takes away tasks, tools and techniques and replaces them with an powerful understanding which shakes the foundations that you have built your identity. As a result of Clairty Coaching you can experience effortless change, enabling greater success, and therefore more happiness while living day to day life.

I want to make sure that working with me is the right decision for you. First of all I would suggest a free of charge discovery session, in person or by Skype will make sure that we are both certain Clarity Coaching is for you.


“Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort, to be themselves”


One to one Coaching

Bespoke packages specifically designed to support your goals and desires. We will work closely in person or via Skype and explore challenges that you face to create opportunity and change where you least expect it. Throughout our time together you can expect to feel more relaxed, energised, able to make decisions, and be more productive and more creative. One to one sessions are a perfect way to delve deeply into solving and creating your greatest potential. When the mind is open, when you are drawing from the innate wisdom available to you, your mind can shift and you can find life becoming easier and lighter.

Group Coaching

 A great way to introduce yourself to Clarity Coaching, please contact me to find out about any upcoming worshops that may be happening in your area. Group worshops are also available for businesses. Please contact me for more details.


Retreats are the perfect opportunity to take yourself away from everything and have the opportinuty to nourish the soul. I hold retreats throughout the year in beautiful locations which enable you to switch off from everything and fully immerse yourself in everything that Clarity Coaching has to offer. Locations and cost vary.

Get in touch to discover what impact you can create in the year ahead.

Sarah Leonard, tel: 07939598212